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Sunday, January 29, 2012

CHA Bound

Tonight we are flying to Anaheim, CA to attend the Winter CHA. We hope to see lots new techniques, trends, products and to learn lots to share with you. We are super excited to be attending. Stay posted to see what we have to share...

Last of the CKC Tulsa Layouts - for now

This is the last of the layouts that I actually have put together. There are just a few more that I hope to share soon. One class was all about making flowers. I will post that one sometime soon.

This is another from the Technique class. I really don't remember what the technique was. She had left a piece of patterned paper out of everyones kit and was very distracted. That may be why I do not remember. I don't really see anything on this layout either. Maybe she didn't have any technique to share. The good part about her leaving that piece out - I got the second page for free. I do love the colors in this layout.

This layout is actually from a class we took about using fabric. The flowers were hand made from some fabric paper. The paper was actually hard to work with, so Kelly and I peeled the paper part off so we could work with just the fabric. We stitched the leaves on the cardstock. It is time consuming but I sure love the look of stitching. We also hand cut (with a pattern) the cloud looking piece on the left page.
Below is the sample from the handout of what this page is designed to look like after there are pictures on it. I love the paper used on this layout.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CHA pre-work

I saw this on someone else's Facebook post and thought it was perfect for us since we are about to attend CHA:

If you could only scrapbook with ONE paper company's paper and embellishments who would you choose? You may only choose one!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

More CKC Tulsa Layouts

More from the Technique class:

This layout was from Creating Keepsakes. The technique was to cut out shapes from your patterned paper to make embellishments. Nice layout

This layout is from Paper Loft. This technique is the same as the layout above - cutting shapes from your pattered paper to make embellishments and borders. A nice fall layout.

This layout is from Technique Tuesday. Their technique was to stamp your own patterned paper and borders.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Still more CKC Tulsa layouts

Thursday night of CKC we attended the Technique Class. There are many companies that come in and we complete a one page layout. We have the option to buy the second page the next day. I am not a one page kind of scrapbooker, so I always get the second page.

This layout uses my new favorite paper company, Simple Stories. The techniques she shared with us was how to make pinwheels and how to pleat paper. I just love this layout.

If I remember correctly, this layout is from Lickety Split. I changed it some from the original. It had a cute little bear on it but it was too cute for me. The technique she shared with us was how to make paper beads for your page. Super easy. I had never done this and love it. What a great way to use up scraps.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crop Express

The Crop Express on January 21st is now SOLD OUT.

More CKC Tulsa Layouts

Here are a few more from the My Mind's Eye class:

This layout uses paper that I love. Her technique for this page was to show how to "stretch" die cut across two pages. Maybe new for some :)

This layout I do not like. I love the paper though. For the left page, she had a class contest. She showed how she designed the page then we had so much time to create our own page. The only thing I did that no one else did was to take the wire that was attached to the flowers and spiral them.
This layout needs the ER.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

CKC Tulsa Layouts

Kelly and I took a My Mind's Eye class. LOVED IT!

This is one of the layouts we completed. For this layout, she taught us to cut apart those big pieces of bling designs you can buy.

This layout has great colors. It reminded me to use paper clips to attach ribbon. So simple, yet so easy to forgot.