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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the other two cards

Ok, my scanner is up and running again.

For this card, I placed the coral screen on the white cardstock then misted with Coral Reef GM. As I was picking up the screen, I dropped it back on the cardstock. It landed in a slightly off it's original placement - so I left it there and used the Crushed Shells GM. It created some dimensional to the image. I think it is super hard to see in this scan. I then roughed up the edges of the cardstock and adhered to a mustard cardstock card. I used a punch for the greeting and ran the edges in the mist that was on my mat.

For the Seahorse card, I sprayed Crushed Shells on white cardstock. Then I placed the screen on a paper towel (you can also place it on your mat) and I used Pieces of Heart and Lucky GM to coat the screen. Then I picked up the screen and held it, mist down, for a few seconds to allow the glimmer to move to the bottom, then I "stamped" it on the cardstock. I used tweezers to ensure I got all the image stamped. (Note: if you wait for the Crushed Shells to dry, the seahorse will be sharper/crisper. I don't wait and as a result get more of a watercolor look) I then stamped a greeting with brown staz-on and adhered it to turquoise and teal cardstock.I REALLY want to go to the beach now.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cards with new product

I finally got to play with some new Tattered Angels product we have for sale. It is the new Seaside collection. I love it - I love the beach.

The first one is with the sand dollar screen from the "Under the Sea" set. I used a new color "Pieces of Heart" (see previous post about this amazing color) First I placed the screen on the cardstock then used the Pieces of Heart GM. Then I used some tweezers to pick up the screen and then I stamped with it twice on the top and right edge. The shimmer in this mist is so pretty. I wish you could see it in the picture. Where the stamped sand dollar seems dark - that is actually glimmer. (the blue is a little darker in person)

For this card, I sprayed Sand GM on white cardstock. Then I placed the sea oats screen from the "On the Beach" set and used the Pieces of Heart GM. Then I inked the sea oats stamp from the "Coastal Breeze" set with Brown Stazon. Next I ran the edges of the cardstock in the sand GM I had on my mat.

After I made the card above and before I cleaned the screen, I sprayed a little Lucky (another Limited Edition color) on the screen in three places. I then flipped the screen over, held it in the air for a few seconds to allow the glimmer to move to the surface, then I placed it on the white cardstock. I used the tweezers to ensure it was "stamped" down in all places. When I lifted the screen, I held it above my cardstock and tapped the back with the tweezers to get the dots splatted here and there. The scan doesn't show the Lucky very well. It is in the bottom left and on the tips of the sea oats
I have two more to share, but my scanner has went to bed for the night - I guess. So I will try again after class tomorrow.

We have these products for sale - email us for info.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Glimmer of Hope

My favorite company/product has done it again. They have created a new Glimmer Mist in honor of Autism Awareness called “Piece of Heart” representing the “puzzle pieces” that Autism Awareness is known for as well as for the beautiful of art/heart that each child represents.

This limited edition color will sell exclusively on their site for $5 and part of the proceeds for the sales will go towards Autism Speaks .

Check out their story here:
Buy it here