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Monday, December 26, 2011

Soon the new year will be here

Ready or not the new year will be here soon.

I have goals for next year that I hope will make me more organized. I wrote these tasks in my calendar to help me stay on track. Now I will tell you so then I need to be accountable. (in case you ask me about my progress at retreat)

Goal #1: To download and organize all pictures from my camera the last day of every month. I have been good at downloading but not organizing. Well, my downloading is not all that great either. I don't delete them off my camera until I make two back ups of the pictures. So when I do download the pictures, sometimes I get the same picture many times. This has caused a huge mess for me. 2011 I have been working on organizing my digital pictures. First I have them organized by year (complete). Now I will go in and organize them by month (in process) and delete the duplicates. Then I will mark if I have scrapbooked/printed them yet. Then when I need to print pictures, I know what to pick. Recently I printed pictures then found I had already printed them. Nothing like wasting money.

Goal #2: To keep these blog postings up to date. 2011 seemed to be hard for us to keep this up to date. I have had planned blog postings since mid August, but have you seen them yet! (They will be coming very soon)

Goal #3: To MAIL the birthday cards on time. As of today, I have made 58 of the 105 cards I need to make for 2012 birthdays. Last year I made all the cards in the beginning of the year also. I have them sorted by month in a box. Somehow I still never get the cards mailed on time. Addressing them is my problem. It doesn't take long but I just cannot seem to get it done. My hubby suggests that I print all the address labels now then I only need to change the ones that move. So I will try that. What could be easier then sticking a label on and walking to the mailbox. I was trying to convince him that since I make the cards, his job should be sending them. So far he is not going for this idea. :0)

That is plenty of goals for me. Others are minor, like continuing to ride my bike 3-4 times a week. That one I have to wait until my doctor releases me to ride the bike again. Currently I am restricted to the stationary bike. That is a lot harder for me then the real bike, outdoors. - Sigh - soon though, soon.

In early December, my mother and I attended a crop in Bixby, OK (south Tulsa). We got so much accomplished. It was wonderful. I completed 13 two page layouts from scratch and 5 two page layouts that I only needed to stick pictures on plus 21 birthday cards. I am trying to make myself make cards every time I complete a layout. I already have all the matching cardstock and embellishments out - why not. So maybe that is a goal for 2012 too. We had a great time.
Hopefully these layouts will be in future blog postings.

At the end of January, Pat and I will be attending CHA in Anahiem, CA. We are so excited. (only 34 days left). So you should see some postings from that. We hope to learn lots to share with you at the Spring Retreat.

Till next time, keep scrapping.
- Dora