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Friday, February 4, 2011

What Can You Expect

We want to invite you to attend the Croppin' Train Scrapbook Retreat week-end.

We are excited to have the retreat back at the Embassy Suites and Convention Center in Rogers, AR. This venue is easily accessible from the highway, and is very centrally located to a variety of food establishments and other shopping areas. Signed, Sealed and Delivered is directly across the street. 

For those that have not attended a Croppin' Train event in the past, here's what you can expect.

The week-end ride begins at noon. Pick out your very own 8' table (let us know if you want to be seated with a particular group of croppers) and set up your work area. A little later in the evening, when most people have arrived, we'll introduce ourselves, pass out the Welcome Aboard goodie bags, and take a brief tour of both the Supply Depot and Boxcar Store. You can crop as late as you want.

If you are staying in the hotel, you can start the morning off with a hearty breakfast (we have to fortify ourselves for all that scrapbooking!). The crop room will open at 7:30am. Throughout the day, we'll offer demonstrations of new products or techniques at our Demonstration Station. If there's a product or a technique you are particularly interested in, please email us before the retreat so we can try and include it in our demonstrations. 

This is always a short day. The crop room will open at 7:30am. After breakfast (if you are staying in the hotel), you'll want to give yourself that 'last-minute' push to get more scrapbooking done. We'll draw for the final ticket prizes, and get you all on the road by 2:00 p.m.

Door Prizes
We like getting prizes when we attend events, so we want to make sure you get lots of prizes at a Croppin' Train event. In addition to prizes, you'll also win tickets throughout the week-end. You can use those tickets to try and win your favorite prizes on Sunday. These are special prizes that will be put out Friday night; we'll draw a ticket for some prizes on Saturday and the rest on Sunday. You do need to be present on Sunday to receive the ticket-prizes.

Supply Depot
We are proud to offer one of the best Supply Depots in the area! We want to make sure you have all the basics, plus several 'cool tools', at your disposal - and you don't have to bring them from home! You'll find a substantial listing of available tools on the website. Check it out periodically - we are continually updating it with new tools, stamps, etc.

Boxcar Store
We celebrated the Grand Opening of our Boxcar Store at the Spring 2008 Retreat. We are able to offer an impressive array of products -- cardstock, designer paper, fibers, embellisments, alterables, storage / organization items, etc. -- at very low prices (at least 15% off MRSP)! Again, if there's a particular product you are interested in, please email us before the Retreat and we'll see if we can make the item(s) available for you. 


You will receive layout materials for two classes. We will have a tool area set up specifically for these class kits and have samples to view while you are at the retreat. These classes can be completed at your own leisure. And we are there to help you while you work too.

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  1. At the Spring retreat, are you going to have an area for those of us who have items we no longer need and would like to give away or sell?